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Company Dissolution and Restoration

Company Deregistration

If you want to close your Hong Kong company, we can assist you to apply for company deregistration.  It is not proper just to halt business and stop renewing the company, because you will commit an offence if failing to comply with local regulation of filing annual return, tax return etc.  

Procedures to deregister a company:

1) We will prepare all necessary documents for directors / shareholders to sign;

2) Dispose of all assets / close bank accounts / prepare final financial report;

3) Apply No Objection Notice at Inland Revenue Department;

4) Apply for deregistration with Companies Registry;

5) It usually takes 6-9 months for the whole procedures. 



Company Restoration

We can assist you to reinstate a Hong Kong company by court order or administrative restoration.  Our experienced lawyer/ company secretary can do all procedures on your behalf, pay all outstanding license fees and penalties etc., and bring your company back to good standing. 

Once all relevant documents are submitted, it usually takes about 2-3 months to restore a dissolved company.

We will act as your company secretary and provide registered address during the process.  All outstanding Annual Returns, Notice of Change of Address of Registered Office, Notice of Change of Company Secretary and Director etc. will be filed to Companies Registry.  Once the company is restored, we will assist to check and pay the respective business registration license fee to Inland Revenue Department.  

When a Hong Kong company is restored, the previous Directors, Shareholders etc. are automatically assumed to have continued and company is continued existence.