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Overseas Company Formation

We can incorporate a company for you in other overseas jurisdictions. Our expert will set up a corporate entity for you quickly and efficiently, giving you the best and most creative advice on how to structure your business.

  • Overseas companies can be used in a variety of ways:


    1) Investment Holding Company

    Overseas companies can be used to hold investment portfolios, which may consist of cash, stocks, bonds and other investment products. They are regularly used for inheritance purposes and to reduce probate expenses.


    2) Property Holding Company

    Overseas companies can hold property and property rights to avoid capital gains taxes on property when it is sold, as well as inheritance taxes. The sale of property can be arranged by transferring the share in the company and thus avoiding stamp duty.


    3) International Trading Company

    Significantly improved profits made by a trading company can be achieved by forming an overseas company which will be used as a trading medium for buying, shipping, and selling the goods.


    4) Professional Service Companies

    Individuals engaged in providing services in entertainment, construction etc. can achieve considerable tax savings via an overseas company. They can be employed by the overseas company that can contract with them to provide them with services outside their country of residence and personal income can be accumulated free from taxation in the overseas countries.

    We provide the Company Secretary and Registered Office for companies in many jurisdictions and additionally, we can manage the company on your behalf. If you would like more information, contact us!


    *The list of shelf companies is available at the request at enquiry@paifanghk.com.