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Change your Company Secretary to us

At times, some people would like to change their company secretary, especially if they’re looking for a pair of capable hands to manage their corporate administration and compliance filing matters.  The reasons why they decide to make such change may be the high price charged, or maybe of the poor services delivered.  Some  secretaries did not do a good job at consulting and providing necessary services. 

Your company secretary will act on behalf of your company in dealing with the government. A summary of the roles and responsibilities of a company secretary in Hong Kong is given below:

act as a reliable and authorized party to represent your company in dealing with local authorities

maintain and update company statutory records and registers

file statutory returns and ensure compliance with statutory requirements

prepare Minutes of meetings of directors/shareholders 

assist your company to prepare annual statutory audits

advise your company of any changes in laws and regulations  

As such, it is essential that a company has an efficient, professional and reliable company secretary.

We have good experience in serving clients across the world in company formation, accounting, auditing and tax compliance.  Hence, we can effectively assist you in daily company management.



Let us know that you would like to change your company secretary to us.

We will assist to prepare a letter for you to sign and notify your current company secretary.

We'll take it from here!  We will obtain your corporate documents, perform company due diligence etc.  Next we can prepare directors’ resolution regarding appointment / resignation of company secretary.  Then we will lodge such changes by filing necessary forms to Companies Registry.   

If everything goes smooth, the whole process of change of company secretary will only takes 1-2 weeks and do not need your presence in HK.