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Special Offer

As professionals in the field of company registration & tax advice you may find our services in Hong Kong and China useful to you & your clients. We introduce our unique price offer expressly designed for professional companies involved in international companies registration & tax planning.

Hong Kong Companies
We can incorporate a Hong Kong company with a name of your choice or from our shelf list. We can do this quickly and efficiently, while providing the best advice as to how to structure your new business. The new company might be for your registered headquarters; for investment; for a project in China; for selling goods to other companies etc.
In addition, we can manage the company on your behalf, providing your Registered Office, and acting as your Company Secretary. We can also provide nominee Directors and Shareholders of the company if you wish.

China Business Services
With over 1 billion people and its sustained economic growth rates, the People's Republic of China has become one of the world's most attractive emerging markets. It is now the second largest economy in the world. Moreover, China's accession to the World Trade Organization is expected to trigger a further wave of inward investment from foreign companies.

There are two main areas of opportunity for setting up business in China. The first one is for manufacturers or those sourcing goods for export. China's cheap and increasingly sophisticated workforce, excellent shipping and port services have resulted in a diverse array of products at very competitive prices. Secondly, China's rapid economic development has created a growing market for agricultural and industrial raw materials, high tech components, capital goods and professional services.

Establishing a presence in China is still a challenging experience, taking into account the complexities of the operation and the business viability and costs structures. We can help our clients to move smoothly and successully towards Chinese market. Our integrated approach can ensure that clients make the right choices and can help them through all stages of identifying the best location, operating structure and office etc.

In addition, we can also provide the following international business services;  
Company secretarial services
Hong Kong virtual office services
Hong Kong accounting and tax planning services
Set up of bank accounts in Hong Kong
Hong Kong residency services (Employment Passes and Permanent Residency)



This "Professional package" gives you everything you see in the "International Package with Virtual Office C" (www.paifanghk.com), with some very valuable extras including:

1. Certificate of incorporation from Registrar of Companies HK.

2. Business registration ordinance from Inland Revenue Department.

3. Appointment of first director (s), signed by the subscribers.
a) Copy of certificate of incorporation of company appointed as a director (where the director is a legal entity).
b) Copy of Certificate of Good Standing of the company appointed as a director (where the director is a legal entity).
c) Specimen of signatures of the persons authorized to sign for the directors of the company.

4. First written resolution of the directors of the company regarding the director, the company's seal, share capital duly signed by the director.

5. General power of attorney issued in favor of lawful attorney provided by the client, duly signed by the director.

6. Memorandum & Articles of association of the company.

7. Deed of trust.

8. Share certificates.

9. Nominee director's declaration.

10. Non-trading warranty (for shelf companies).


AIl the documents under points 1 to 6 are true copies to be bounded together as a set duly notarized and affixed with apostille.

Documents under points 7 to 10 are to be provided in originals.

Delivery of the documents to the client by courier services of DHL, FedEx or UPS (please choose one) at the courier services fees only.

Please contact us at once for the cost and details.