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Companies may be incorporated in Hong Kong for a broad variety of business purpose:
1) Banking
Bank accounts can be opened for Hong Kong companies in different currencies with international reputable banks. In addition, we can assist clients to open accounts at local banks with cost effective tariff and fees. Modern banking facilities e.g. internet banking or online banking are popular and can be arranged so that clients can access their bank accounts overseas via computer network easily. Bank interest is not subject to tax in Hong Kong.

2) Trading
Hong Kong companies can engage in trading activities e.g. handling shipment of goods, invoicing and letters of credits etc.

3) Market entry
We help Hong Kong companies to enter market, expand research, promote planning and promote trading.

4) Investment
Investment accounts for securities, bonds, options, precious metals etc. can be opened for Hong Kong companies. Capital gains and dividends are tax-free in Hong Kong.

5) Reinvoicing
Many Hong Kong companies are used for re-invoicing purposes. Profit made on buying goods from one country (e.g. China) and reselling to another (e.g. Bulgaria) will be tax-free as goods are shipped directly between two countries, without going through Hong Kong.

6) Income
Overseas commissions, royalties from patents, books, rights, consultation fees, rental fees, interest, dividends etc. are tax free in Hong Kong and can be received in the name of a Hong Kong company.

7) Asset holding
Hong Kong companies may hold overseas or local real estate, vessels, companies, stock, etc. to protect owners from estate tax, probate, and divorce settlements. Asset can change hands easier and cheaper by transferring the shares of the holding company.

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